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Energy Beyond Sunlight®

Automotive Innovation

We are developing the first thermoelectric charger aimed at redefining vehicle power systems. This technology harnesses waste heat from internal combustion engines, offering an eco-friendly and more efficient alternative to traditional alternators and paving the way for a greener automotive industry.

Greenhouse Growth

Our solutions extend to agriculture, where our devices empower greenhouses. By utilizing our thermoelectric generators, agriculturalists can maintain optimal growing conditions more efficiently, contributing to sustainable farming practices.

Off-Grid Empowerment

PyroDelta is breaking barriers with our off-grid applications. Our thermoelectric panels provide reliable energy day and night, leveraging temperature differentials to deliver power even in the absence of sunlight. This opens new horizons for remote and underserved areas, ensuring access to energy beyond sunlight.

Who we are

Introduction to PyroDelta: The Catalyst of Change

At PyroDelta Energy, we redefine the boundaries of thermoelectric solutions. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our journey began with a clear vision: to revolutionize thermoelectric energy conversion. PyroDelta is not just another name in the energy sector. We are pioneers, holding newly registered patents in the US and Canada that set us apart from conventional approaches. This is far from your typical thermoelectric offering – it’s not about modules simply wedged between two heat sinks. Our commitment starts from selecting the finest raw materials in North America for manufacturing high-density, high-efficiency semiconductor modules in-house. With our groundbreaking manufacturing method, dubbed “Capillary Casting,” we are leading the thermoelectric energy conversion towards achieving practicality and viability on an industrial scale to enable a more sustainable and efficient future.

Join us on this journey of innovation and sustainability. Discover the PyroDelta difference and be part of shaping a cleaner, more efficient world. Welcome to the future of energy. Welcome to PyroDelta Energy.

What we do

The PyroDelta Difference: Innovation Unlocked

Why do we stand out? The answer lies in our commitment to innovation and quality. PyroDelta’s thermoelectric generators are revolutionizing the market by eliminating traditional limitations:

  • Interlocking Architecture: Our unique, proprietary design abandons the need for soldering, enhancing durability and thermal efficiency. This innovative assembly method not only improves performance but also simplifies maintenance and recycling.

  • Capillary Casting: Our patented production technique redefines the creation of semiconductors. Unlike the conventional sintered materials, our process involves melting semiconductor constituents followed by rapid cooling. This ensures a homogeneous mixture and prevents element separation, setting a new standard in the thermoelectric industry.

These advancements underscore our dedication to providing superior thermoelectric solutions, enabling a range of industrial applications that were previously unimaginable.

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